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Farmers and Rural Professionals

Providing knowledge to farmers and rural professionals is a key strategic outcome at Owl Farm.  Owl Farm publishes weekly farm walk notes after our Tuesday farm walk, which is open to all farmers and rural professionals at 10am on Tuesdays (pays to text ahead so we know to expect you on the day).

With over 5750 social media followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and 270 farmers and rural professionals subscribed to our weekly update emails, Owl Farm reaches out to many farming families and businesses, not just in the Waikato but across New Zealand and internationally.  

We provide four Focus Days throughout the year in March, May, September and November which provide seasonally relevant information along with topics presented by our many expert partners and industry personnel. Our next Farm Focus Day is Thursday 16th November 2023.

Farmers and rural professionals that would like to arrange a visit to Owl Farm can contact Demonstration Manager Jo Sheridan to arrange a visit.

Event recordings on YouTube 

Previous Focus Day presentations can be found on our You Tube channel.

Owl Farm Focus Day 17 November 2022

Owl Farm Focus Day 5 May 2022

Owl Farm Focus Day 17 March 2022 – Why soil matters

Owl Farm Focus Day 16 December 2021

Wednesday weekly catchup – 8th September 2021 – mating plan

Wednesday weekly catchup – 29th September 2021 – journey to reduce lameness

Owl Farm Focus Day 15 September 2021

Owl Farm Focus Day 18 March 2021

Owl Farm Focus Day 24 June 2020

Owl Farm Focus Day 18 March 2020

Focus Days handouts

September 14 2023: Topics included breeding strategies for non-replacement calves and budget updates for the 23/24 season.

Focus Day Handout 14 September 2023

March 23 2023: Topics included; The impacts of farm management on our soil carbon; Pastures for future performance; Using MitAgator to understand phosphate, nitrogen and sediment loss risks.

Focus Day Handout 23 March 2023

November 17 2023: Topics include; How technology changes what we do with our time; Getting our head around on-farm inflation; Udder health and milk quality.

Focus Day Handout 17 Nov 2022 final

May 5 2022: Topics include Capital, Conflict, Covid and Carbon – Nathan Penny Westpac economist. Replacement calf strategies  at Owl Farm involving calf milk replacer, chicory and sexed semen heifer synchrony.

Focus Day Handout 5 May 2022

March 17 2022: Topics included criteria for investing in technology and why soil matters for climate change.

Focus Day Handout 17 March 2022 FINAL

December 16 2021: Topics included N use paddock mapping, rising cost of increasing industry standards.

Focus Day Handout 16 and 17 Dec 2021

September 15 2021: Topics include results of 20-21 season wagon wheel KPIs

0.0 Intro 15 September 2021 Owl Farm Focus Day

1.0 Farm Performance 15 September 2021 Owl Farm Focus Day

2.0 Animal Well-being 15 September 2021 Owl Farm Focus Day

3.0 Environment 15 September 2021 Owl Farm Focus Day

4.0 Business Health 15 September 2021 Owl Farm Focus Day

5.0 Quality Workplace 15 September 2021 Owl Farm Focus Day

6.0 Community 15 September 2021 Owl Farm Focus Day

March 18 2021: Topics included summer crop review, calves on chicory, mating review and using My Pasture Planner to reduce N use.

Focus Day Handout 18 March 2021 FINAL

November 25 2020: Topics included planning for plantain and clover success, and managing heat stress.

Focus Day Handout November 25 2020 final

September 23 2020: Topics included review of sexed semen/Wagyu calving and wetland performance.

Focus Day Handout September 23 2020 final

June 24 2020: Topics included season review

Focus Day Handout June 24 2020

March 18 2020: Topics included mating review, crop performance, drought recovery and using SurePhos.

March 2020 Handout for web

November 27 2019: Topics included best practice crop management and time and task analysis.

November 27 2019 Handout

NZDIA Regional winners visit in 2021