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Every season Owl Farm loads financial and physical data into DairyBase for benchmarking and comparison between years. Our goal is to be in the top 20% of Waikato Owner/Operator farms for Operating Profit, while achieving our environmental, animal and workplace goals. 

Operating Profit uses non-cash adjustments for change in livestock numbers, labour adjustments, feed inventory, owned runoffs and depreciation to allow us to compare our business with others across the industry.

Comparison for the 2019-20 season and our results for the 2020-21 season can be found here:

Owl Farm-Reports-2019_20 BM top 20% Waikato

Although a top 20% Operating Profit benchmark is not yet available, our 2020-21 figures can be found compared to the DairyNZ estimate for Waikato here:

Owl Farm-Reports-2020_21

DairyBase also provides physical data that we can benchmark against other similar System 2 farms in the Waikato.  Data for the 2019-20 season can be found here:

Owl Farm-Reports-2019_20 Physical Detail 

Owl Farm is available as an individual benchmark on DairyBase so you can compare your figures directly with ours since 2016. DairyNZ has a wealth of information on how to use planning, budgeting and business analysis to create a sustainable profitable business.