Farm Environment Plans

Farm Environmental Plans are vital for the long term planning of sustainable farms.  They meet the individual farm’s needs and reflect the key issues on farm and any relevant regulatory requirements.
We developed Farm Environment Plan June 2022  created by TIAKI – Fonterra FarmSource Sustainable Dairying. The process was started with a 2-hour, on-farm visit with our TIAKI sustainable dairying advisor. The plan that was developed was agreed as a sensible and achievable set of objectives. It really helped us assess and identify solutions to some of the challenges we still had on the farm. Using photos and maps it covers the following key management areas:
  • General farm 
  • Land and soil 
  • Irrigation 
  • Effluent 
  • Waterways and biodiversity 
  • Nutrients
Since the plan was created in September 2017, we have worked through the recommended actions.  The plan was last updated in June 2022 and we continue to update and revise the plan to ensure it remains a workable and practical document for the farm to use. 
We have a separate farm Effluent Management Plan June 2022.
Fonterra has also published for the 2021-22 season our Farm Insights report for you to view and compare.