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Quality Workplace


Attractive, safe and rewarding workplaces are required to ensure that we continue to attract the best people to dairy farming. 

When considering possible changes to our farm system, we analyse their potential impact on the hours worked and changes to workplace quality. We continue to invest in our team as they are critical in taking care of our animals and the environment. Meet our team.

Primary KPIs

  • Achievement of 100% of the Workplace 360 assessment criteria (includes balanced and productive work time; competitive remuneration; health, safety and wellbeing; effective team culture; and rewarding careers).
  • Average hours worked per person per week is 45 or less over the whole season.

Quality Workplace Stories

Workplace 360

Annual measurements of workplace quality are undertaken using the DairyNZ Workplace 360 assessment. Find out how we are performing here.


Technology enables us to make better decisions on farm as well as create safer workspaces for our people and animals. Find out more here.

Policies and SOPs

Team members who are responsible for procedures on farm take an active role in creating Standard Operating Procedures for the farm.