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Providing Knowledge

Owl Farm exists to provide knowledge and understanding of dairy farming to local farmers,  students and our wider community.  We collect and analyse data relating to our Wagon Wheel KPIs to enable better farm management decision-making and to share with our community.

We provide information to more than 4,500 followers through our social media and newsletter weekly farm updates. Annually we host more than 2,000 people on the farm, with 72 organised visits during the 2020/21 season alone.  Each year we open the farm gates for the public to experience and interact with all the parts of a working dairy farm, thanks to help from our wonderful partners. Since its inception Owl Farm has hosted over 9570 people at the farm!

Whether you sign up to a weekly newsletter, follow us on social media, organise a farming group visit, or just want to browse our information at your leisure, there is something for everyone at Owl Farm.

Visiting Owl Farm

Visits from farming groups, school group and rural professionals can be organised by contacting the Demonstration Manager Jo Sheridan

Farm map

Map overview of Owl Farm