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Owl Farm KPIs

Owl Farm uses a Wagon Wheel concept to visually demonstrate its specified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Each area has primary KPIs that we are striving to achieve, and which we measure performance against annually.  Some also have secondary KPIs which provide a range of topics that we measure on farm and share with the farming public.  This clearly demonstrates the tensions that exist between the different areas and allows us to look for opportunity to extract value as we consider changes in any area. This is essentially the whole concept of how Owl Farm is run.

Owl Farm’s Wagon Wheel KPIs are developed by its management and governance committees to ensure our aspirations are aligned with the future of dairy farm systems in the Waikato/BoP regions.  We set goals that collectively represent a sustainable farm business of the future.  Performance against these goals is reported annually and actions towards achieving the goals are discussed weekly in our farm walk notes.  The Wagon Wheel goals are reviewed regularly to ensure that they reflect world leading practice and comply with the ever-evolving regulations in the dairy industry.

Explore the KPI's

Explore each of the areas below to discover how Owl Farm is performing and the tools we use to help us.

Caring for all our stock on farm is a priority, ensuring that their well-being needs are met.
Creating a sustainable business that supports the needs of today's stakeholders and provides for future generations.
We exist to share dairy farming knowledge with our community - students, local farmers and rural professionals, along with the general public.
We use best practice management strategies to ensure our environmental footprint is aligned with our community values.
Using sustainable methods to grow high quality forages and produce the best quality milk.
Providing a safe and rewarding workplace for our team is critical to ensure they can take best care of animals and the land.