May 23 Owl Farm Focus Day


Focus Day May 23

An excellent day, where we stayed dry for the most part and brought the cows to the people!

Focus Day Booklet

Our Final Focus day for the dairy season. Morning tea at 10.15am and event kick off 10.30am. Plus our famous Hot Lunch at 12.30!

Time for the round up on the 2018 Season, we'll be all done and dusted and looking at some interim profit figures. 
Fertiliser focus - three years of fertility change on the farm to optimise soil tests. And how you can use less Nitrogen to grow the same amount of grass.
A year of putting plantain into paddocks - what have we learned?
What does the Healthy Rivers Plan Variation mean for Owl Farm?




Owl Farm Focus Day - 21 March 2018


The next Owl Farm Farmer Focus Day will be Wednesday 21 March 2018

Please see the attached booklet for a summary of topics discussed on the day.

 Focus Day Booklet

We will be having a season update, on performance, production and profit. 

We'll also discuss our mating results for the year.

The highlight is a solid session planned to share with you what is next for our Owl Farm future plans - there's really only two choices left and we're going to tell you what they are and how they can both work.

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