Monitoring has been carried out 5 times in this year, assessing the water quality pertaining to the wetland.  5 well sites, 1 tile drain site entering wetland and the outflow were monitored (4/5 times for well 4 and outflow).

Wetland overview

Wells are purged prior to all sampling, to remove the water in them, and allowed to recharge ensuring a representative sample of “current water” is definitely obtained.  A sample will then be collected from all sites at one time, some 24 hours later.

Nitrate concentration

  1. In January, the samples collected excluded the 4th well, due to the slow recharge time after being purged. 6 samples were obtained.
  2. In April, 7 samples were obtained.
  3. In August, a miscommunication assuming a third party was taking an outflow sample, meant no corresponding outflow sample was obtained to draw a comparison. However there was useful data collected exploring changing Nitrogen concentrations throughout the year.
  4. In November, 7 samples were obtained.
  5. In December 7 samples were obtained (results yet to come through).

The results of this work show considerable Nitrogen concentration change between the water inflow and water outflow. 

 Nitrate reduction through wetland



Facebook video showing wetland via drone after rain events

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