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Feedflow June- Sept 2020


Next Farm Focus Day 24th June


Weathering the dry


18 March 2020 Farm Focus Day


25 September 2019 Farm Focus Day


September Focus Day - Season update, Repro, People, Fertiliser


September Focus Day

Owl Farm Focus Day Wednesday, 25 September 

Spring Review

Season Update
Spring production, profit and performance

Reproduction Preview
Systems and processes for all AB

People Priority
Study of time and tasks at Owl Farm this spring

Owl Farm Fertiliser Plan
Decision rules, what products, when and why?

Includes Lunch; All Welcome

Venue – Owl Farm
St Peter’s School, 1716 Cambridge Road,
Old SH1, Cambridge


May Focus Day - Season review and Repro


New demonstration Manager


Afternoon Owl Farm followers! We have to regretfully announce that our Demonstration Manager Louise Cook is off to greener (if somewhat colder) pastures at the Southern Dairy Hub in Invercargill. 
This week will be Louise’s 9th and last Focus Day with us since she started in April 2017. She has definitely left her mark on Owl farm with her love of data, addiction to spreadsheets and massive passion for helping find sustainable farm systems. Her pictures, info and enthusiasm will be missed, but the good work she and Tom have done in the past 2 years will definitely continue.
Stay tuned for updates as we work through the process of replacing Louise. For now, a few of our favourite pics of her and the adventures at Owl Farm.


286 Cows in Milk
1.83 KgMS cow/day Milk Solids
2405 kgDM/ha Pasture Cover
25 kgDM/ha/day Growth Rate
53 Round Length
0.60 Avg Supp Usage
132 SCC

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